About us

Back in 2008, we started this activity with a full rental cottage for 8+2 pax, which gave us great satisfaction. This rewarding experience, the suggestions of our guests, and the demand have led us to expand the offer, turning this dream into reality.

Meet Maxux

Extroverted, creative and baztandarra.

She is dedicated to making others happy, facilitating the stay of her guests. As she is passionate about her work, she is usually at home, she lives close to the apartments, and if she has gone for a walk in the mountains, or on a trip to the surrounding towns and villages, she will answer the phone.

Baztandarra on all four sides and proud of it. A great lover of her valley, Maxux will want to show you everything about this environment; she lives in the center of the Baztan valley, at the foot of the Bagordi mountain, above the villages of Elizondo and Elbete. From there, he will guide you, tell you what excursions to do, who to visit, give you alternatives to see quieter txokos in times of high influx of visitors, show you how to enjoy the art of good Basque food.

Maxux will provide you with the cultural agenda so that you can also get to know our culture, and will teach you a few words in Basque, the language we speak in the valley.

And he will also help you to make your stay in Markulluko Borda as sustainable as possible, giving you some simple guidelines to preserve Baztan in a cultural, social, economic and environmental way.

Baztan is that and much more, welcome to Markulluko Borda.


And Irune, do you also want to meet her?

Very similar to Maxux, and between the two of them they form a great team. Irune is from Guipuzcoa by birth, but from Baztan since 2015, and she will show you the Baztan she has been discovering, because it is very important the point of view of those who come from outside and settle in the valley. She will tell you everything that has fascinated her and what has "shocked" her about the valley.

Very attentive and friendly, she will show you Baztan as seen from the eyes of a new neighbor. One of the things that has struck her most about the Baztandarras is their character, initially closed, but able to open up in a moment to share with visitors moments of their daily life. Try to chat with any Baztanese while walking through the valley, is the main advice Irune gives you.

Another aspect of Baztan that fascinates her is the love that the inhabitants of the valley feel for their houses and their villages. Maintaining a respect for the local architecture, preserving the use of red stone and noble materials.

And the fury of the greenery in spring, and the variety of colors of autumn, is something he lives and feels since he arrived.